Hurricane Ian Assistance

For those offering to help

Thank you everyone who has reached out to check on us and offer assistance.  We don’t yet have a complete assessment of the church or the parsonage.

We’re working closely with the Florida UMC Conference to help us with damage assessment, developing a recovery plan, and planning our support needs.  If you would like to offer assistance, we ask that you contact the Florida UMC Conference with your assistance offer at the Disaster Recovery Call Center –  855-CAT-FUMC (855-228-3862).  They are best able to match our church needs with the right assistance resources.

If you would like to donate financial support, please go to the Florida UMC Conference website at –  You can also donate directly to our church by going to our Giving page –

I am sincerely grateful for all the offers and support.  May God bless you for thinking of us and offering to help.

For those in need of help

If your are seeking assistance, there are many relief groups and agencies actively working to help people impacted by the hurricane.  Here are some places to check for assistance –

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at these sites, please contact me directly by email at:


Pastor Samantha